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Toast Wants To Delete Cd Files





Any help would be appreciated for a problem I'm experiencing.


Seems that I'm unable to burn additional files to a CD without Toast deleting pre-existing files on the CD, files which may have been burnt from another computer or which may no longer be on my hard drive. All I want to do is add more files to a CD.


Many thanks in advance!



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I'll explain what I know about this. CD-R's need be burned using Write Session and not Write Disc in order for additional sessions to be added. Also, unlike some PC applications, you cannot just add more files (known as packet writing) but on Macs you need to write new sessions. Each session appears on the desktop as if a new disc is mounted. If a CD-R has three sessions there will be three disc icons on the desktop (and possibly more if you choose Mac & PC as the format so both the HFS and ISO 9660 versions are mounted).


Complicating this is a problem I've read here when users try to add sessions with Toast on discs that had the original sessions burned on PCs or burned with an earlier Mac OS (say version 9.x and later with 10.x). What often happens then is that the earlier sessions become unreadable which is a horror to those who don't have that content copied elsewhere.


My advice is to not add new sessions to a disc that wasn't originally burned by Toast on your Mac. When starting with a new disc choose Write Session in the Recorder Settings window to keep the disc open for additional sessions. Then use Toast to write additional sessions.


I'm uncertain what you mean by deleting pre-existing files on the CD. That can't be done except with CD-RW media and that requires erasing the entire disc. Maybe you're referring to the packet writing that is possible on PCs where files can be deleted from CD-RW media without erasing the disc. Again, Macs don't support packet writing on CD or DVD media.


If you are using CD-RW then I suggest doing the process that involves alternating between two discs. Burn the first using Write Disc rather than Write Session. Then create the second by adding the content from the first disc along with the new content and Write Disc. The next time erase Disc one and copy over to it the content from Disc 2 along with the new content. Just keep alternating and adding new content to an erased disc.


If this all seems like the pain it is, the better route is to get a USB flash drive and back up what you want to the flash drive without using Toast. When the flash drive gets full you can copy its content to disc using Toast, erase the flash drive and continue.

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