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What Is Video_ts Compilation?



It says you can combine VIDEO_TS folders.


So say I have 2 concert dvds.


Each has it's own menu.


Can I drag the VIDEO_TS's into toast, and get out a single DVD that miantains the menus of the singles? Is there a master menu to access them?

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A PC side program called DVDRemake has the ability to take 2 dvds, and merge them into one, with their menus becoming sub-menus to a main one.


I was hoping Toast had added this functionality.

It has been Roxio's philosophy to not include a menu that points to content that isn't on a video DVD. So whenever something less than the full VIDEO_TS folder is chosen the menu is removed.

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There will be no menu. You would need to use the DVD player's remote control to skip to the next title. If you want a menu to go along with videos from multiple DVDs (or VIDEO_TS) folders you need to approach the project differently, as follows:


Choose DVD-Video as the format in the Video window. Insert the DVD (or place the VIDEO_TS folder on the desktop or in the Movies folder). Choose DVD with the top button of the Toast Media Browser. When something appears in the browser use the button below "DVD" to access the titles level. Select the titles you want on the new DVD and add them to the Video window. Do the same with your other DVD or VIDEO_TS folder. Toast extracts the MPEG files. Now set up the menu the way you want the same as if you were making a DVD from your own videos. You will end up with a Toast-styled menu.


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