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Toast Saved My Dvd I Created From Two Divx Files As Encrypted



I spent the afternoon creating a dvd which I saved had toast save to disc image (like I always did with toast 7). I cannot burn my .toast file as it complains that it is encrypted...Well thats bloody useless to me.


Now I have to start all over again and this time just let toast burn to dvd.


Why is toast encrypting my dvd? Is it because the source video is divx?


Any clues how to disable this? Or is this a really stupid 'feature' which makes saveing anything as a dvd image worse than useless, insulting. :angry2:

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Well...I can open that same .toast image file in my Toast 8 app (which I kept on in case stupid stuff like this occurred) and it doesn't complain of encryption and allows my to burn away...Huh.


Stupid Toast 9!

Toast cannot encrypt a video DVD it authors. So, as you've found, the encryption notice you saw is bogus. As I understand your post you had Toast make disc image of a video DVD from two Divx files but that .toast disc image does not open when you choose the Image File setting in the Copy window of Toast 9. I'll see if I can get it to do the same on my Mac. If so, you've uncovered a bug in Toast 9. There's a feedback link in the Toast Help menu that I suggest you use to report a problem like this. Be descriptive.

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