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Run Toast From External Hard Drive?



Hi Folks,


I just downloaded Toast 9 and I use it mostly for Tivo2Go transfers. Exporting files uses almost all of my computers resources. Two questions:


1) Has anyone heard of or used Elgato's Turbo.264 and what do you think? Apparently, this software runs of a USB flash drive and can convert Tivo files to other formats. I'm wondering if it's worth purchasing.


2) As an alternative, can I run Toast on an external hard drive (Western Digital) and export videos from there?



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I have a Turbo.264 and it can be a big time saver depending on the speed of your Mac. I recommend it. The Turbo requires you to stay with the standard convert settings, though. Not a problem for me.


I'd still use Toast with the Turbo rather than its software. As far as running Toast from an external hard drive I haven't done it but it should work fine. You also can relocate the Roxio Converted Items folder to an external drive by changing the setting in Toast preferences.

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