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How To Re-installl Toast 8



Toast 9s (9.01 and 9.02) behavior, for me, has been so erratic that I wanted to re-install Toast 8 until the crashing problem has been figured out. Heres the problem: I have been a registered Toast user since Toast 5 but all of my purchases since then have been upgrades. Toast 8 (which I foolishly uninstalled) refuses to be re-installed even with a valid UPGRADE CD Key for Toast 8 unless it sees Toast 7 on my drive. I have long ago removed Toast 7 and not sure where my backup of it is. I can access all of my past CD keys though my Roxio account but that does little good if you don't have/know where the installer is to start rebuilding a path back to Toast 8. Has anyone else had this problem and if so what's the answer? I hope I don't have to go all the way back to my first full purchase of Toast.


Thanks for reading my sad post and any suggestions would be appreciated.

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I would imagine that if you contacted Roxio, and they were able to confirm your previous registration numbers, as well as your recently-purchased Toast 9, they would help you reinstall Toast 8, no?


At $1.89 per minute (US) or 15 minutes of service in the amount of $28.35 is a bit ridicules. I guess thats why this forum is also listed as a support option. My other option is their email support but I thought that this forum, with its knowledgeable members, might be faster.



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Since each Toast update is actually the full install it seems that you should be able to download the latest Toast 7.x updater and launch it (since you have its CD Key). Then go with Toast 8.


Thank You tsantee, It worked. I thought each update would look for the previous versions full install CD key. I still don't understand why 7 update didn't look for 6 as 8 looked for 7 but who cares, I'm up and running in 8 again. I sure hope 9s crashing and the coasters it produces is fixed soon. The "now I'll crash and now I won't crash" was driving me crazy


Thanks again

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