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Mpeg-4 Video Stuttering During Rendering



Hello, I have a brand new HP Pavallion 6258 SE laptop with Vista Home Premium....all the bells and whistles...2 gig ram, 160gig Hd, Nvidia g-force 6150. I won't go too much into detail about the 3 months I have spent trying to fix Quicktime and Vista bugs. As you may know most Vista users have a bug playing Mp4 files on Quicktime. My video cam uses an 8Gig SD card to capture video so Mp4 is the only media I can use to view/edit. I had NO ISSUES WITH EMC 9 ON my old XP laptop.


Every MP4 video I try to play is choppy and horrible quality so naturally I get the same results when rendering on video wave. I know VLC player and other players play these files better but that does not help me when using videowave right?


I have tried every hotfix and bug fix I could find on the internet. I have also downloaded SP1 which was supposed to fix the issue w/ no luck. I"m so frustrated I just may give up on Roxio altogether. It amazes me that my 4 year old xp pc at work plays all my mp4 files flawlessly. BTW the final DVD or video files I do create seem to play ok.....issue is just with rendering.Please help?

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If they play after you render and burn them, I wouldn't worry - rendering 'preview' isn't what you get at the final output (it just shows you more or less where you are)

Thanks for the reply but it is really hard to render video files that skip, freeze and not synced. I'm not worried just frustrated because the program worked perfectly and I suspect one or more of the auto updates from MS or Ndivia killed it.


if it's a Vista bug, how is Roxio gonna address the issue?


From my research no one has really claimed it's their bug. I'm just guessing it may be MS since Vista is buggy. I posted in here hoping at least one other person who has vista can help. :blink:


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