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No Sound With Mov Files



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I have mov files that work perfect in quick time but when I try to do anything with them in Roxio EMC 10 there is no sound. Help!


Where did you get the mov files? Digital still camera?


This is not an uncommon problem. There are some codec (?) issues with mono mov files. I have just the opposite problem with my mov files -- i get very loud static instead of the expected audio. I know of three ways of fixing the problem; perhaps others have been able to do it in another way.


1) Use Bias Sound Soap. It was included in EMC 9 but it is around $100 as a stand lone. No free trial. It works well and if you are going to do a lot of mov files, you might want to consider this.


2) Use GoldWave. There is a free trial. If you choose to download this, chose open file and then choose the mov file. The audio portion will open. Select to save it. There are many options. Choose one file types (stereo, mp3, wave or other). The program will save a wav file for you with the right name and in the same folder. Open Video Wave and mute the native audio track. Add the file from GoldWave on the music track. That should work. I just confired that it does with my mov files.


Note: If you are going to do any editing of the mov file, do that first and output it as a mpg2 or AVI file then do the GoldWave thing OR do the GoldWave conversion and output that file to a AVI or mpg2 file. Edit that file rather than the original mov file.


As a last resort:


3) A different Video Editing program. Only one works and there is a free trial for that. PM me if you want the name of that and neither of the above work.

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