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No Audio When Creating .iso Or Mpeg-2 With Emc10



I still have EMC8 installed and had SOOOO many problems with it, I downloaded EMC10, that corrected the previous problems, but now I have NO audio when rendering to an .ISO or Mpeg-2. It still takes forever and I end up having no audio. Should I uninstall EMC8? I have ran disk defragmenter, I disabled the Wireless Network, and McCaffee - still no audio. Plus, I tried to run EMC8, and when I opened up a previously created .dmsm project it only displays the symbol for going to the next menu (big triangle/play symbol) right in the middle of the screen. :angry:

Any help would be appreciated - rotten Roxio....

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You should not need to uninstall V8 however given that you had many problems it is of little use to you to leave it…


You have also just confirmed the old computer axiom that you cannot throw software at problems.


You should follow the Clean Install procedures - Here


That will remove everything. If you still have problems after that, then they reside on your computer and not in the software.

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