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Disc Full - Even Though It Is Not Full



I have recently started using Easy Media Creator 9 and the other day I used an RW disc and backed up My documents and all my related business files/folders. It all went fine.

After a few months I wanted to backup the current version of all my said files on top of the existing files by using the same rewriteable disc. Roxio decided that my disc was full and in order to go ahead with my task I needed to erase everything before I could proceed. There is AMPLE space on my disc and I have tried it so many times and it still would refuse to burn on top of the existing files/folders. I dont get this with Nero! As long as I have an RW disc or DVD then any programme should be able to RE-WRITE on top or alongside as long as there is adequate space on the media.


I raised this with the Tech support and they issued me a Ticket saying: "Change your CD" . Is this an answer or what?


Can anyone, please, help. I have since emailed all my files and folders to another pc and have been able to make a second copy on Nero and will keep on doing this with my updated files. Now why cant I do this on my even newer PC which happens to have Roxio on it and not Nero.


Op system: Windows XP

Burner: SONY DVDRW DL (if this means anything)


Thank you VERY much.


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Sounds to me like you had the options set to close the disc after it burned initially, which then makes it so you can't add to it later.


Which app in the suite did you burn the data disc with? Creater Classic? Data Disc in the main Home app?

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If you have closed your CDRW then you can no longer write data to it.


Copy the data off and erase the disc. Then you can write the data back to it, and if you don't close the disc you can keep writing sessions to it until it is really full. Check your burn options, and set them so the disc remains open.


These are options that all good burning programs have, and that you change as required. With Nero Express you get no option, but then it is a "lite' version. With Nero Burning you have control over the options, just like the Roxio programs.

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