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[cd Spin Doctor Latest Release] 4-second Track





After downloading the upgrade to 8.0.4 I've noticed that Cd Spin Doctor has a strange behaviour when it comes to manually-defining tracks: It won't let me create tracks shorter than 4 seconds. If i select a time range of, say, 2 seconds, the end marker will automatically jump 2 seconds further, so that the minimum length of each track is 4 seconds. Is there a fix or a workaround? I'd like to be able to set shorter tracks like I used to with 8.0.3.


Thank you in advance for help,






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I've never attempted tracks that short. You may be able to use QuickTime Pro to trim the file into such short pieces. Was Spin Doctor updated along with Toast 8.0.4? I thought it was just Toast that was changed which would have no affect on how Spin Doctor performs.

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