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Build Issue - Errors!



I have a project that is 1:19:35 in length. I input to DVDit ProHD and author as usual. At the very end of build when it gets to writing files ( I created a volume, as usual), I get an error: The disc burning process was interrupted, either because of an error or because it was canceled. I saved the transcoded files by deselecting the delete after closing project, nlah, blah, blah, anyway, the video during authoring is ALL there, but when I play the transcoded file that DVDit created, it is only 1:15:45, about 4 minutes cut off. This is the 7th attempt at authoring over 2 1/2 days. Any ideas?

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well that error message is absolutely a nightmare....the worst part is that it doesnt explain anything and you really do not know what is going on....and you ended up frustrated that your 20 gb bluray project is not working at all !!!!!


let me tell you my experience and the workarounds


1) Somebody in this forum mentioned that that error sometimes has to do with the fact that you are reaching your total hard drive capacity (ie les that 30% remained) and also that you hav to defragment your disk. I did that once and seems to work

2) dvdit pro is picky about the size of the audio files compare to the video file...so they also say do not attempt to create a project in which your audio file is longer than your video file

3) i notice also that the order of movies under your titles have to be from 1 to whatever number of titles are you going to include....i used to drag and drop in different order and also crashes showing the "infamous" "The disc burning process was interrupted...bla bl bla"


we really would apprecciate if the experts attending this forum publish a list of tips and hints to avoid that "infamous" warning "The disc burning process was interrupted...bla bl bla"


best regrds




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Sorry for the inconvenience. no idea why the program is misbehaving. do you have any other program a transcode your video with...is this HDV out of Avid or a QT reference file or what?





I exported HDV from Avid. I've tried valiantly, but can not export QT-reference to save my life. As a workaround, I have imported the HDV output from Avid into Premiere Pro and am in the process of exporting from there. Just don't understand why DVDit ProHD authors fine and I can see ALL of the exported video, but it won't for some reason give me a blu-ray disc or volume.

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