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Dvd With Widescreen Content Displays In 4:3 Squished



Hello everyone,


I've been having a problem with my widescreen 16x9 content displaying squished on my TV.

At first I thought this might be my editing output and it not being formatted correctly. So I downloaded the sample footage from Roxio/Sonic so my footage can't be to blame. I used http://patches.sonic.com/techsupport/dvdit/assets/video.zip


So I make sure the project is in widescreen



I insert the widescreen Roxio footage



And then when I display the DVD on my TV my 16:9 footage is squished into 4:3



I checked my DVD player settings and they are correct because when I put in Blockbuster DVD's they auto display in 16x9 widescreen on my TV. I also put my roxio burnt DVD into my XBOX360 (which of course displays my widescreen content from games), but once again the roxio burnt DVD is squished in 4:3


Any help would be appreciated!




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The only thing I can think of is that you may not have the video file set at 16x9. Select the movie in the Title section, make sure the aspect ratio is set to 16x9 after clicking on the Movie tab in the Movie Attribute window.

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After tying multiple programs beyond DVDit Pro HD such as DVD flick and a few others. This problem is still occuring. Anyone have any tips? If someone wouldn't even mind sending my a 10sec clip of their own and insturctions one on how you would burn it to disk so i can see why i'm not getting my movies to display in true widescreen automatically off my dvd player or xbox360 when professional dvd's auto go into widescreen.



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What software did you edit / capture the video with?


Start from the capture process..........did the settings in the capture devise match the video settings?


Do you encode with your edit software OR do you let DVD IT encode, Importing AVI into DVD IT...........


If you encode first - What are your encode settings?



It looks as if your files are not Flagged as 16:9 even though DVD IT sees the aspect ratio your end result is NOT right


I have had this happen BUT not with DVD IT and it was a 16:9 project shot on a 4:3 PD 170 in 16:9 mode - I had neglected to flag the footage as 16:9 in the options withing Canopus EDIUS edit software.



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