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Roxio Emc Suite 10 Kicks Off Diskeeper Install Routine !



I have tried six times, each time more carefully than the last, even though there is not a lot to double clicking the packed exe file to install Roxio EMC Suit V10 (bought the download version tonight)


Each time I try to do the initial install, it goes through the extraction to a temp directory no problem, then promptly launches the Diskeeper 2007 Pro Premier InstallShield Wizard .... ! I am I promise, sober as a judge, and not tripping out on anything .... Its crazy.


(I do have a Diskeeper 2007 Pro Premier Licence, and it is installed and running, excellent software by the way dear reader, if you havent got it, have a look at it, does what it says on the box supremely well - a lifesaver ... however back to the disneyland install routine..)


I cant believe I'm seeing what I'm seeing, its the most bizare install error I have seen in 26 years of computing. Any clues / assist would be most gratefully received !


FX 60 RAID 4x250MB disks 2Gb RAM (350Gb free on the RAID) XP SP2 fully updated



Amazed of cyberspace



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Standard installation instructions are to STOP all background apps during an install. What may be happening is that, as you install, Diskeeper is kicking in. It seems to do that all the time, as a post on the Amazon website suggests


"...2007 is CONSTANTLY defraging (even DURING an install...!), and with no activity icon on the 2007 taskbar (like 10 has!)- you NEVER know what is happening (sensory deprivation!), or what you are interrupting...?!

A defrag/Ifaast moves HD data back-and-forth...-

If you did a restart... in the middle...- XP could loose track...! ..."


Turn OFF all apps - Anti-virus, Diskeeper and so on amd try installing then


As for the download version, I would recommend you open this with either Winzip or Winrar (it's a self-extracting archive) and extract the contents to a temporary folder and run setup.exe from there. Once installed, burn the contents of the folder to a blank disc and then you have a copy that you can store safely

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You're welcome (I admit - I found that on google by running 'diskeeper problems') :lol:


I'm a failed rocket surgeon anyway :P


I have had Diskeeper Pro for years and have never had the problem with it always running. But, of course, I set it to manual, as soon as I install it. I am currently running Diskeeper 2008 Pro.

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