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Streamer - Can't Add Video



Streamer seems rather simplistic and incomplete. I have no idea what the thing is doing.


So far I've been able to add only one video, but at first it didn't seem to work. I clicked add, selected a video and after the file select window went away nothing happened. No messages, no error, nothing. Sometime later (>10 minutes) I looked back at the Streamer window and my video had appeared. I'm guessing Streamer sent it away to Toast for conversion, but nowhere did it say what was going on. I repeated this several times and haven't seen any of the videos I've selected show up.


I am able to browse to the URL and watch the one video placed there, that part worked fine. But how do I know that the video was watched? There doesn't appear to be any logging data available.


Lastly... automatic TiVo exports to Streamer don't seem to work either. I followed the support FAQ entry on how to setup Tivo download to export to Toast, and set Toast to send those on to streamer. It appears that the Tivo side is working, Toast starts up shortly after a video is downloaded, but nothing else appears to happen. Again, no messages and no logging to be found. Oh, and if I manually hit "Toast It" in the Tivo downloader, Toast starts, but still nothing else happens.


The common theme here is that things are silently being dropped on the floor with no explanation and no way to see what is really happening.


In case it helps, I'm using Toast 9 Titanium - Ver. 9.02 on MacOS X 10.4.11.


Any ideas, thoughts, suggestions?





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As far as streamer. Streamer doesn't just take any movie. There are some data rate constraints.


When dropping a movie on streamer, if it doesn't meet streamers requirements it is sent to toast for conversion.. Hence the 10 minutes. You should see toast launched with progress bar showing you that its converting. Streamer won't add the file until toast is complete. While toast is converting there is not progress bar in streamer, since streamer isn't doing the converting.




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