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I Have No Idea How To Make A Dvd



i'm using toast 6 titanium. when i import the video_ts file into toast. it doesn't recognize most of the files in the dir














the only files it imports are;




i also tried to import an empty AUDIO_TS and it said it was an unsupported format

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Checked both Apple and the xlr8yourmac.com sites and there's no hint whatever of a firmware update for the Matshita UJ-816 drive. (I even tried downloading a couple of updates for other drives for the heck of it; got the same "no hardware here that needs updating" type of message every time.)


I guess I'll have to go looking for different media, which has never been an issue before. The blanks I use offer 1x and 2x options on Toast but neither of those are given in bold. You'd think that by now things might be just a bit more standardized/compatible than they are...

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Oh man, I dont have Toast 6 anymore, I am using 7 now. Maybe the option is under copy? I cant quite remember. Maybe just search the help file for Video_TS and I am sure it will have all the details.

The simple explanation is that the way that you are trying to burn the disc, Toast thinks you want it to re-author the content. If you do it using the Video_TS function (where ever it is located) it will understand you dont want it to actually do anything with it but burn the files.

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If you are running Toast 6 v6.0.7 or higher, the option you want is called "DVD from VIDEO_TS" and it is located under the Video tab.


1. click Video tab, 2. click "DVD from VIDEO_TS" in the left hand drawer, 3. drag/drop your VIDEO_TS folder, 4. click red record button


This is also available in Toast 7.


You can also use DVD-ROM option located under Data tab, and drag/drop your VIDEO_TS folder in.


You do not need to add an AUDIO_TS folder... Toast does that for you.

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This seems like the most appropriate thread to make this reply; I hope someone can help.


On my Powerbook (Al, 15", OS 10.4.6, Matshita DVD-R UJ-816 superdrive) I've got Toast 6.1.1. I've never had any issues with Toast until very recently, when I started trying to burn DVDs (DVD-R media, Verbatim) using the "DVD-Video from Video-TS" option under the Video tab. Every time I've tried, I get the following:


"The drive reported an error: Sense Key=MEDIUM ERROR Sense Code=0x73,0x03" followed by "The disk failed to be written."


Very frustrating. So as a control I moved the complete folder holding the video/audio files over to a G4 PowerMac, running OS 10.3.9, also with Toast 6.1.1 and a Pioneer DVR-109 burner. Using the same settings, I am able to burn a video-DVD no sweat. Also using the same blank media (in a couple of cases, using the very same disk rejected by the Powerbook!).


The Powerbook Superdrive seems otherwise to be healthy; it records and plays CDs; it recognizes and plays DVDs. It records a data DVD just fine. However, attempting the workaround suggested elsewhere of making a disk image and then copying that to DVD resulted in a slew of error messages (among which were several reported here; my apologies I didn't write them down at the time).


I've repaired permissions, used Disk Warrior and Disk Utility, even brought the 'book to the local Apple Store. The only suggestion the guy there had was to upgrade to 10.4.7 and/or upgrade to Toast 7 but after reading many of the posts here I am leery of doing the Toast upgrade, and I can't imagine how/why the OS upgrade would make a difference. (Especially as 6.1.1 is behaving perfectly on the PowerMac.)



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The best guess I have for this is that the PowerBook's Superdrive needs a firmware update to be compatible with current media. Check with Apple's support site about possible firmware updates from Apple. Otherwise check at xlr8yourmac.com's FAQ for DVDs to learn of any other way to update the firmware. Another option is to find media that is rated no more than 8X and burn at the slowest speed supported by the media and drive (the supported speeds are in bold face in the Recorder Settings window after inserting the media).

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