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"3x Dvd" And/or "hd Rec" (aka "hd Dvd On Dvd",) Without Re-encoding?

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I have both AVCHD camcorder footage, and EyeTV-recorded ATSC content that I would like to burn onto standard red-laser DVD (DVD-5 or DVD-9.) I can burn both just fine using Toast's built-in "HD DVD Video" setting, burning to DVD or DVD DL, but it takes forever to re-encode. (The discs play just fine on my Toshiba HDA3, by the way.) From my understanding, HD DVD supports the raw data from AVCHD and ATSC MPEG-2 without re-encoding, just "re-wrapping" (demuxing and re-muxing required; but that shouldn't take 4 hours.) I have "Reencoding" set to "Never" in the custom encoding box, but it still takes on the order of four hours to burn a 30 minute 1080i program to DVD. (On a 2.0 GHz Core Duo MacBook Pro.)


Again, my problem is not with *PLAYING* the resulting disc (unlike issues I have seen from others regarding the Blu-ray equivalent BD5, BD9, and AVCREC discs on Blu-ray equipment I can play my discs just fine.) My problem is solely with the insane amount of time needed to reencode a program that shouldn't need to be reencoded. I can't find a single reference in help or the official FAQ on how to truly prevent reencoding.

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Maybe you can just burn the AVCHD files on the DVD as data and see if you player can read them.


Don't think there is any workaround for this although in theory there should be an easier way. If you do find a faster way to do it even other apps, please post it. Thanks



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