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Dvd Burning Tower With Pc Connection


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Hey guys!


I need a piece of advice. I've been googling for two days now in search of a DVD burning tower that supports a PC connection. Thing is there are great, huge, fast towers to replicate DVDs but they all demand a master copy to be fed into them!


What I want is a tower that gets the info from an ISO message stored on the pc, and starts burning them from there. Either copying it to the tower's HD or from the PC itself, I don't care - as long as I don't have to be burning master copies for the dozens CDS I have to burn every week! We have a small production line here and we're moving on to storing things on the network server instead of using master copies which occupy way too much space.


So. Googling for that, I failed to find any towers with PC connection. Some DVD production towers (which include a printer or which "print" using lightscribe) do have a PC connection, but they're also more expensive... And since I have a sepparate printer that's not exactly what I'm looking for.


Do you know of any product that could satisfy my needs? Hints/ideas/suggestions, anyone?


Thanks for your time =)


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Great! Thanks Highlander. Just did :)


Anyone else has any ideas?



Is this close to what you need, click here......?


Besides burning DVDs, the DVD Duplicator Towers can also be used in buring CD-Rs. With built-in hard drive for caching, you can store DVD and CD images on the hard drive making the burning process even faster and more reliable.


Other companies are selling the similar DVD duplicators for more with less options. All our DVD duplicators are fully equipped with internal caching hard drive. The DVD Duplicatorsare ready to be used the minute you open the boxes. Make sure to read our Duplicator FAQ before making your decision.


Which one do I need? Duplication or Replication?

What are the differences between CD / DVD Duplication and CD / DVD Replication?



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Fist of all... hehe thanks for clearing out the difference between duplication and replication ;)

It's a duplicator that I'm looking for, definitely not an industrial-sized, dvd-pressing production line :D


The hard-drive that is usually mentioned serves for creating disc images FROM master copies. The duplicator towers I have at the moment also do that: you insert the master copy, the tower creates an image on the hard-drive, and from there it burns that image onto as many CDs/DVDs as you want, without the need for the master copy. It improves burning speed and prevents reading errors, making the process a bit faster but it's still not what I want. Modern towers come with an optional hard-drive (from 80 to 250GB) which can store multiple images, but you still need to insert


However, thanks to your links I think I found what I was searching for.


On this website you can find the "PC-Attach vs. Standalone" difference between towers which, even though very basic information, reassures me that the concept exists and it's not just something I'm dreaming of.


I believe I found two products that satisfy my criteria: the Microboards PRM PRO-X16 and the Plextor PX-DTS700.


On the Microboards product page you can read: "An optional PC connection is also available on DVD Duplicators using a USB 2.0 interface module for mastering." and both this article on DuplicatorGuide for Plextor and this product at CDDVDKing for Microboards mention that the package includes "Prassi Zulu 2 disc mastering software", whatever that is. Google didn't help. The articles are also vague as to what one can do with the software, and I couldn't find any more information on either of the companies' websites.


If you're in the USA, I think the Meritline website will be a pearl. And their Duplication FAQ answered some of my questions, especially from question 38 onwards.


Just posting all the information I found, in case someone else comes by with the same question :)


I sent an e-mail to Microboards and Plextor, asking for more specific information. Will post any other useful info I get my hands on.


Thanks for your help!

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