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Roxio Media Manager Install



Each time I start up my Dell Laptop, the Roxio Media Manager try to install itself. I've searched for the Roxio Media Manager.msi file, but I can't seem to find it. I'm not sure if this is a problem with the software, since I did a full uninstall but the error continues. Has anyone heard about a problem like the one I'm describing?


TIA. . .George

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Hello George,


If you've done a full uninstall of something Sonic but the Media Manager keeps trying to re-install itself, then it's likely that the Microsoft Installer still has some tangled entries for that software.


Go to the Microsoft page for their Windows Installer Cleanup Utility. http://support.microsoft.com/kb/290301

Read the page carefully, and then use the utility to remove any remaining installer references to the Sonic/Roxio software.



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Now that the immediate problem has been solved, I'm having trouble re-installing the original software (Roxio Creator MyDVD Combo LE). The error message I get is "A previously installed version of UmknowProduct UnkownVersion already exists and may contain features not contained in this version. Are you sure you want to continue?" I do say yes, but it doesn't continue. The message just keeps coming up. Any help will be appreciated...

George :-)

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It sounds like the uninstall in your first message may have left something behind in the registry. I've never encountered this problem myself, so I can't guarantee that this suggestion will completely cure the problem. I offer it in case it helps you.


I would try REGSEEKER, which is a free program from Hoverdesk. You can find it HERE.


It has two things which I would try. First is "Clean the Registry". I don't use the 'Autoclean' button, because it doesn't give me any control. Just leave the 6 default boxes checked and hit OK. It will sort out useless and broken registry entries and list them for you. Select them all, then go to Action and and Delete them. By default, all entries removed are saved, and if something vital is removed you can go to 'Backups' and restore them all.


Next is "Find in registry". I'd leave the default boxes checked, and search for 'Roxio' and delete whatever's found. Again, the default is to save the deleted entries, so you can always restore them again. If that doesn't fix your reinstall problem you could search for 'Sonic' and delete, but be careful you don't delete unrelated things like Panasonic.





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