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"not Enough Space" Message 3 Hours Into Burn



Dragged a few assorted MP4 and AVI files into the content area/video files area. The curved bar was halfway green when I hit the burn button. Several hours later at 33% completed a message appeared that there was not enough space on the dvd-r blank. Shouldn't I have got a warning before having to wait more than 3 hours to find this out?


I know that with Easy Media Creator a 4.7GB DVD will hold about 60 minutes in best quality video mode. Does the same thing hold true with Popcorn and should I have guesstimated how much would fit myself? I assumed that Popcorn would compress the files to fit on the DVD.


Thanx in advance.

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There are two different "not enough space" messages. One uses "disk" while the other uses "disc". If yours is "disk" (which is what I suspect it is) then your hard drive where the Roxio Converted Items folder is located filled up. You need to use Popcorn preferences to relocate your converted items folder to another hard drive that has more available space or you need to free up more space on the drive you're using.


When it says "disc" it is referring to the optical disc. However, that message would have appeared at the point when Popcorn was going to start burning the disc.

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