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Burning Avi Videos



Which setting do I use to burn a bunch of half hour avi videos from my macbook pro to dvd using toast 9? is it Divx disc? I just tried that and the burn worked, but the dvd doesn't play in anything, which leads me to believe its hard to find a dvd player that plays avi files. . .thus do you guys suggest i convert the videos to .mov or mp4 or something so i can play them in a standard dvd player?



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k . . is it easier to convert them to .mov or mp4 or something cuz it seems like it's taking along time to encode avi's before the burn even starts . .



thanks though

Converting to another format won't save you any time. It takes time to encode the MPEG 2 files for the video DVD. I hope you also have installed the Perian codec from perian.org because some AVIs have an audio track that requires perian or you'll end up with a video DVD that has no audio.


Another thing to note when making a video DVD from an AVI file is that the source video's file size doesn't matter. What matters is the total length of the video. Toast will fit about 3 hours of video to a single-layer disc. Picture quality declines after fitting more than 2 hours on a single-layer DVD. So avoid the temptation to cram the DVD with as much video as possible.


You had a good idea choosing DivX if your DVD player support DivX discs. If the video inside the AVIs was encoded using DivX it wouldn't need any re-encoding when burned to a DivX disc. Of course, there are many kinds of AVI files that are not DivX.

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