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Converting Asf Files



I purchased Copy & Covert3 to convert some ASF sound files to MP3. The problem that I am having is the ASF files will not show up in the program. I'm running it on an XP machine. Does anyone know how to get the ASF files to show up, I can't convert them if I can't see them.

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Hello Ralph,


I guess that you must be using the Roxio Audio Converter program [Home > Audio > Batch Audio Converter] That program won't handle .ASF files, because it is an audio converter, and ASF files are not audio files. They are video/audio container files similar to Quicktime, Ogg, and AVI containers. They're AV or video files.


Please see the Wiki HERE for information on Advanced Systems Format files.


If you run Disc Copier [Home > Video > Convert Video] in compilation mode you will see that Copy & Convert will see and handle .ASF files, but only as the video container files they are. You will need a much more complicated editor or AV manipulator to strip just the soundtrack out of an .ASF file and save that as an audio file.




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