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H.264 File Is Unsupported Data On Ps3



I created a number of H.264 MP4 files (using Video Converter in EMC10) from a DVD (VOB) source. When I copied these to my Sony PS3 HDD, the PS3 showed these as "Unsupported Data". However, previously, using Video Converter in EMC9, I created a number of H.264 files from a DVD (VOB) source and the PS3 recognized these.


I performed a test whereby I converted to H.264 the exact same file (DVD VOB) using both EMC9 and EMC10. Only one version EMC has been installed at a time. First, I installed EMC9 and converted the source file to H.264 and saved it to an external HDD. Then I uninstalled EMC9 and installed EMC10. I then converted the same source file using EMC10 and saved this file to the same external HDD. I then connected the external HDD to my PS3. The file created using EMC9 was recognized. The file created using EMC10 was not recognized (showed on the PS3 as "Unsupported Data".


It appears that something about H.264 file conversion has changed from EMC9 to EMC10. The Sony PS3 will play back H.264 files created in EMC9, but won't play back H.264 created in EMC10. Anyone have any information about what's happened?


I upgraded to EMC10 because I read that EMC10 converts faster than EMC9. However, that is now a moot point if EMC10 H.264 files are unusable. (Note that the H.264 file from both EMC9 and EMC10 will play on my PC.)

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For our testing purposes, can you try this and let us know what happens.


Are we limiting testing to DVD VOB file conversions only?


Posted and has never been back… looking like a drive by!


You guys have some great phrases!

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