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Extremely Strange Videowave Problem



I’ve captured camcorder footage in AVI format using Roxio Media Import.


When I put this footage in a Videowave production, it does not play back properly – the sound is fine but the video is divided into horizontal bands which are out of sync with one another (imagine cutting a photo into horizontal strips then staggering the strips).


I have the options set to Render Using Software. Before this week, this worked with no problem whatsoever, but seemingly overnight, the problem has occurred.


Can anyone put me on the right track? If anyone might be able to help, but needs more info, let me know.


Some more info:

1. When setting option to Render Using Hardware, the problem disappears, HOWEVER, due to a separate unresolved issue, I cannot use this option and burn DVDs;

2. When I playback the AVI file in Windows Media Player or in Sony Vegas, then it is absolutely fine;

3. This problem occurred overnight. I can’t recall anything I may have installed to cause it. If I open productions that I completed prior to the problem, then they, too, suffer from the horizontal banding;

4. When I open MyDVD, then the horizontal banding is immediately apparent on the template menu background.

5. My Nvidia driver is uptodate. I tried to repair / reinstall the whole of Media Creator but got error 1720.


Please help! I'm not an expert at these matters, but can only assume that something to do with Roxio is causing the problem (a codec, a corrupt file - I don't know - I'm guessing)


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Follow ALL instructions in the following link. If you are running Vista, scroll down to the bottom, after clicking on the link, and you will find the Vista instructions.




Thanks for advice. I did a clean uninstall of Media Creator, deleted the registry entries and reinstalled it from scratch.


The result? Exactly the same problem as before, with all video in videowave being split into 6 or 7 horizontal bands which do not line up with one another. This is extremely annoying - just a few weeks ago, everything was fine. Any more suggestions?


I bought Pinnacle Studio 11 as a backup, but that doesn't work either - the preview window does not play back video at all. Is this problem related? I also tried the demo of Sony Vegas Studio 8 Platinum - this works absolutely fine so far... but I want to stick with Roxio if at all poss.





Vista 32 bit

2 gig RAM

GTX8800 Nvidia card

500 gig hard drive

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Thanks Springen,


You and ggrussell succeeded where Roxio Support failed.


I went into Nvidia Control Panel -> Manage 3D Settings -> On Global Settings tab I changed Anti-Aliasing Mode to "Application Controlled" (Had previously been "Override any Application Setting")


The only thing I can think is that when I altered the anti-aliasing settings in Call of Duty 4, the game altered my global driver settings as well - causing the problem in Videowave.





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Stecool - did you ever resolve this issue, as I am having the same problem ?




OK I've sorted it (thanks to ggrussell) - I needed to go into the nVidia driver and make sure hardware acceleration is set for 'Application controlled'



Stecool - did you ever resolve this issue, as I am having the same problem ?


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