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Toast 7 Vs Toast 9 Cd Extraction Question



I just upgraded to Toast 9 from 7. Before when ripping audio CD's I dragged the CD icon into Toast, it checked CDDB, and then I could extract one, some, or all files to a specified location. Now with Toast 9 it just starts extracting right away. Where is it dumping the tracks and how can I change the saved location (sometimes I don't want the tracks on my main drive BEFORE I save as disc image, etc)

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If your audio CD doesn't have the CDDB info then use the Copy window to select it. Toast should automatically access CDDB but if it doesn't you can choose Get CD Track Names from the Disc menu. In the Audio window you can select individual tracks to import by using the Add button and command-clicking on just the tracks you want.


If you're running Leopard you can audition the tracks by selecting them in the Finder and clicking the space bar to start their playback.


To change where the invisible temporary files are written, go to Toast Preferences and choose the Storage tab. You'll see the option at the bottom of the window.


The reason this changed in Toast 9 (and 8) is that Toast must have the audio files available on the hard drive in order to perform many of the custom audio features including cross fades and normalizing. Those options weren't available in Toast 7.

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