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Emc 9 Vs 10 Lightscribe Label Problems



EMC 9 Lightscribe label with extension 'STX' works with Express Labeler. I didn't choose this type file, it did when 1st created by EMC 9. I have now upgraded to EMC 10 on a 2nd PC and neither the Express Labeler, nor the full Label Creator in this new version recognize this type of file. I can't go to the old PC and change the type of file with 'save as.'

The original lightscribe label takes forever, but it contains the perfect graffic behind the loads of text, so I don't want to lose it. Any ideas for getting EM 10 to recognize this 'STX' file, or any other ideas as to how to get it to work with the newer version? The old PC is dying, so I am attempting to move files, save files, etc before it goes away.

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Not going to work… Sadly, there is no compatibility between these versions.


Thanks for confirming my fears. Oh well. I guess one fix would be to install both EMC 9 & EMC 10, then use whichever. Would those versions coexist without problems so long as only one version is run at a time?

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