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.dmsm Player?

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The file you received is not a video file.


In EMC 10, a program called Videowave saves its file with extension dmsm. Dmsm file is simply a set of instructions containing the names of the various multimedia files (videos/still images/audios/special effects/transitions, etc) used in the project and the various editing instructions on how to put all those multimedia files together to create the desired video.

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one my friend have sent to me a video with extension: .dmsm how I can open it ithout buy a roxio software?


Even if you had the Roxio software, you couldn't play the video because it's only an editing file. You don't have the files that are needed to make the video.


Have your friend either use the MyDVD software to burn that .dmsm file to a DVD OR in VideoWave do a File\ Output production as.... and make a finished movie that you can play on your computer.

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