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Result Code = -39





First post on the Toast9 forum. I finally got Toast 9 this monday and promptly bought the HD plugin.


My first attempt of trying to make a Disc Image of a HD DVD Video using the Encoding setting set to Automatic and Video Quality set to Better resulted with a "The file xxxxxx could not be accessed (Data fork, -39" and "Couldn't complete the last command because of a Mac OS Error Result Code = -39"


Movie File from Apple's Trailer site: Format: H.264, 1280 x 544, Millions, AAC, Stereo (L R), 48000 Khz.

FPS: 23


Toast 9.0.2

Mac OS 10.5.2

2 x 2.8 GHz Quad-Core Intel Xeon

4GB Ram


What does this error mean?




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I have more info and it really is complete voodoo. I already mentioned that I've already seen "error -39" in Toast8 once, but that other thread was closed, so I now post the update here.


I get error -39 (unable to read some .vob file) *very* frequently when compiling several mpeg-1 files into a DVD with Toast 9.0.2


Several observations:


1) The error is getting worse after Toast was "used" before - like setting up DVD menus, importing/moving files, renaming titles etc. As a matter of fact, after using Toast for more than 4-5 actions it is actually *impossible* to burn a DVD (or export to a disk image) without the error.


2) As a result, I do this: First set up the disk, then save it. Quit Toast. Launch Toast and then export to a disk image *immediately* without using anything else in the Toast GUI. This works in 98% of all attempts.


3) If it fails, quit Toast again, try it again - it usually works *then*


4) The "failure" has different variations - most of the time it is "error -39", but very often the writing to the disk image stops "silently" - meaning that Toast just stops at some percentage and returns to the GUI - without any error message! The disk image, of course, doesn't exist afterwards.


5) Sometimes it also starts to re-encode a single file instead of multiplexing... I always stop it, quit Toast, restart. It then *never* tries to re-encode again and just multiplexes.


6) Finally, the oddest thing. I now got a DVD that failed 10 times in a row - Toast9 always cancelled "silently", but at different percentages - once at 20%, then at 67%, then at 50%...

I tried Toast8 (twice) and it crashed during the writing. *Then* I tried Toast9 once more - and *then* it worked!


Conclusion: The errors have nothing to do with the specific files, otherwise the errors would show at the same times/percentages. It sounds *very* much like initialization errors of variables. If you launch Toast and just start to export, the RAM is still zeroed. If you work with Toast before, the memory is flled with previous data and then - obviously - it goes crash boom bang.


Of course it's not my business to give technical advice to Roxio, but I would seriously check the compiler optimization, compiler directives and all class constructors - including the Toast8 sources.

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John at Roxio,


K, here's my question and I hope you can answer it. I want to burn blu-ray content to a DVD. I've tried all types of compressions and file types and have just decided to use the file exported as a self contained video from FCP 5. It's obviously a .mov file but with DVCPRO 720P compression. Mpeg 2 encoded discs plays choppy on all BD players but no audio, MPEG4/AVC plays smooth but no audio as well. I'm using the built in menus and these are my results. Now I just seem to be getting the -39 error after it's encoded and almost finished writing the disc. What can you tell me? Will this update fix this problem. I would like if it were possible to get a workflow for my particular situation, I'd like to encode to MPEG4/AVC and would like to know what would be the best format to bring into Toast 9. Any consideration would be greatly appreciated.


All the best,


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It means toast had a problem with encoding that file for some reason. Unfortunately for right now you may have to wait until we release our 9.0.3 update for Toast to see a fix for this issue. Right now I have no ETA for delivery on that update but I am told, "Soon." Sorry for the inconvenience and thanks in advance for your patience.

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David what does the motion look like in HD-DVD? I've been getting lots of ghosting everytime the camera pans or a person or object moves in 1080i on Bluray. I hope Toast 9.0.3 improves this considerably.





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