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Video_ts Conversion Poor Pic Quality



I have a bunch of home movies that are all Video_TS files. I bought Crunch and converted my first DVD to .m4v and the picture is terrible. It looks like the picture is made up of distinct boxes- are they pixels? Can I fix this somehow? I am a computer/software dummy, so advice in laymen's terms would be appreciated. Am I going to have to try to get a refund and search for a new program or what? This is a bummer. Oh, and it takes an eternity for the files to convert- anything I can do about that? (assuming I should still even use this program). Oh, I'm transferring them immediately to itunes if that matters.

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You don't mention which export option you chose in Crunch. I presume it is AppleTV. Something you should be aware of is that video from a DVD or VIDEO_TS folder does not look good on computer displays when viewed at full screen. That's because the resolution is 720x480. My G5 iMac screen's resolution is more than four times that size at its native full resolution. If I view the video at normal or actual size it looks very clear but only takes up one-fourth of the screen. At full screen the Mac has to interpolate all those extra pixels and that makes the picture look bad. One option is to use the Displays panel in System Preferences to lower the resolution settings for the display so actual size for the video appears larger.


Even with this Crunch may not be your best software choice. If you use Popcorn 3 or Toast 9 you can also use the ElGato Turbo.264 that speeds up the encoding to nearly real time depending on the speed of your Mac. The Turbo.264 is a hardware encoder so it also takes that work away from the processor which can be good for doing other things on your Mac during the encoding.

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