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Error Trying To Convert To Any Player Files



Hello, I'm trying to extract some scenes off of a DVD and save them as a MPEG-4 player. I go through all of the set up then hit the RED burn button. I keep getting a "Couldn't complete the last command because of a MAC OS error. Result code = -50". I CAN burn DVDs I just cannot burn separate files off of a DVD to be used as separate video files for editing in another app.


Please help. I have tried EVERY format and combination and still can't get the DVD and Popcorn to extract the scene(s) i want. Ugh!

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I don't know why you're having that problem but there is one way to do this you may not have thought of. Choose DVD with the top button of the Popcorn Media Browser. Your inserted DVD (or a VIDEO_TS folder placed on the desktop) should appear in the browser window. Use the button beneath DVD to access either the titles or chapter level of the DVD. Select the titles or chapters you want and drag them to the main window with Video Files selected in the Player section. Now click the Red button to export to a different format.

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I have also been having the same exact problem. your sugestion did work to convert the video but i cant open the mpeg 4,mp4 files with imovie. but when i use Amersoft video converter trial version i can open them with imovie.but the trial version leave water marks in the middle of the pic.

if you can help me figure this out i would be very greatfull to you.



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