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Uninstall + Reboot Has Computer Blue Screening & Trying To Do Os Repair



We have a computer with windows xp pro sp2. We got the cd key invalid bs so we uninstalled roxio easy media creator suite 9 then restarted the computer. We were going to reinstall the program but during bootup, the computer blue screened. All startup options (safe mode, last known good configuration, and regular startup) bluescreen just after the xp logo shows up.

We have tried to do a repair on the os. The first stage of the repair works (non os environment) and then the computer restarts, the repair wants to continue and goes into the os environment part of the repair. As soon as it gets to this point we get the following request, "The file 'Asms' on Windows XP Professional CD-ROM is needed". Microsoft gives the following help http://support.microsoft.com/kb/311755 which says the cd-rom has lost connection and the registry fix suggested does not work. We believe that roxio grabbed control of the cd drives and screwed up cd driver during uninstall, thus causing the blue screen.

We need a fix for this ASAP.


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Roxio doesn't 'grab control of the drives' - from what you describe you haver a Windows problem and you would be best attempting stage 2 of the instructions on the MS site


Method 2

If you cannot start Regedit.exe at the command prompt, and there is another available partition where you can install Windows on the hard disk, follow these steps:

1. Install Windows in the other partition.

2. Start the new installation of Windows, and then start Regedit.exe.

3. Follow the steps in method 1, but load the System.sav hive from the original Windows folder.


Method 3

If you are not using a retail Windows XP CD-ROM with a hologram (for example, if you are using a burned CD-ROM), try to run the Setup program from a retail CD-ROM with a hologram. To verify this, start the computer by using Recovery Console, and then check the C:\$win_nt$.~ls folder. Look for the Asms folder.


The upper/lower filters problem is a well known MS fault

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Method 1 we were able to run the regedit and remove the files but the problem was still there

Method 2 is just a fresh install which does no good

Method 3, we have a brand new official microsoft oem disk, it should work


If roxio doesnt grab the cd drives, it surely screwed up what was controlling them.

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Do a google search on 'upper and lower filters' - honestly, that's a Microsoft error (it loses drives)


How long since you did a fresh install of Windows? That's basic computer maintenance (whether it's from a backup image or a complete fresh installation)


Windows can and DOES do strange things after it's been sitting gathering all the rubbish and detritus of the day into the registry

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