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Button Functionality On A Menu



On the main menu I have a “Chapters” button and a “Play All” button. I added two slide show productions I created in Videowave to a submenu, “Chapters”. I am trying to see what the Transition setting does on one of the production buttons. On the second button on the submenu I added an Airplane transition, the first button I left alone. I figured that the airplane transition would be displayed between the first production and the second when I did a play all. I have a question and a problem.


1) During the preview, I “Play All” I do not see the Airplane transition. When I click on one the second chapter individually, I get the Airplane transition, then the fist picture, then a black screen, then the first picture again, then the rest of the slideshow. What am I doing wrong.


2) What does the transition button do, I have instruction on how to set it, but not a description of the setting functions.




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