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Soundtrack Ends At 43 Minutes For No Apparent Reason.



I attempted to author a Blu-Ray DVD from Avid Express Pro HD.


I have successfully authored other Blu-Ray Projects, however, this project has the sound track end at about 43 minutes for a 85 minute program.


I have played the project using the simulation function and DVDit plays the audio all through the project, SO, something is cutting off my soundtrack.


I have authored the project 3 times with the same results. I have authored this project from and Audio Mixdown track in Avid Express Pro HD, so the track is not jumping from segment to segement.



I can't find any clue as to what may be the cause and how I may fix it or work around it.



Any assistance from Sonic will be greatly appreciated.

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Dear Scott,


Thanks for the reply.


There are no events in the soundtrack that jump out at me. It is a piece of music.



I did the audio mixdown to try and solve the problem. I guessed that maybe some track segment might somehow trigger a bug....but that was just a guess.




One more question. When I do a Quicktime reference export, should it be quicktime DV reference or the quicktime (without the DV) reference.


The sequence in Avid is HDV transcoded to DNXHD 145



The quicktime reference generates two files, (one video and one audio) but when I import the Video file into Sonic DVDit Pro HD the audio seems to come with it. When I drag that Video file to the timeline...an audio track follows. Should I be useing the other audio file?




Before when I was using previous versions of Sonic I had to seperately put the Video and Audio on the Authoring timeline.






Mark p

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