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Popcorn 3 Will Not Launch On Macbook

Ripping my hair out


I've tried repeatedly to install Popcorn 3 on my MacBookPro running OS X 10.5. I get a momentary menu bar, then it immediately returns to Finder. The app never seems to actually load. Tried deleting and reinstalling 3 times, no luck. This really irritates me, I hate it when I buy software that is just dead in the water. :angry:


Of course store does not accept returns on opened software, even if it just plain doesn't even install.


I'm pissed, Roxio!

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Thanks for the suggestion. Didn't find any xvid codecs anywhere.

Download and install the Popcorn 3.0.2 update from Roxio's support site. It is the complete install so you don't need the one from the disc you bought. There may be something in that update that works better with your OS.


You also should trash the roxio.popcorn.plist file from your User>Library>Preferences folder.


There briefly was a version of the Perian codec that caused crashes. If you have Perian I suggest downloading and installing the current version.

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