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Unable To Burn Cd's

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Hello, I am in need of some assistance. I need to know how to enable domain users (non-administrators) the ability to burn to cd. We run Win Xp SP2 workstations in a Win2k3 server, Acive Directory environment. The majority of our pc's have roxio 5 and domain users are not allowed to burn. I have made the edits necessary to the registry to no avale. I really do not want to bump users to the administror role and back every time one wants to burn a cd. Any help will be greatly appreciated.

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Hi there;


I'm assuming that you are a system IT admin. for the office?


the policy to allow "CD Burning" is either in GPEDIT.MSC or in SECPOL.MSC

I don't remember the section or the exact policy name


>Start > Run > GPEDIT.MSC

>Start > Run > SECPOL.MSC


all you need to do when you find it is add the "USERS group" or "Interactive Users" to the list and then your users should be able to burn CD's





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edited for additional info.

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