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Burning Cd's With Photo Data On Them. Problem

geoffrey Harding


I have an imac desktop, and I'm having a problem with adding photo's to a cd-r or rw with photo data already on it, I load the existing photo data with no problem, and then add new photo from my iphoto, but when I try to burn the cd a window comes up telling me to add a cd and eject the existing cd I'm trying to burn - I've never had this problem with my pc using a roxio burner, I would always load up existing photo data from the cd and then add my data from my file and that would burn with no problem, is this an issue with because its a mac is there some procedure I'm missing, wonder if anyone else has encountered his issue. Geoff

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Because of the Mac's file system it does this differently than do PCs. To burn multiple times to a CD-R you need to write sessions on a Mac. This keeps the disc open for additional sessions. You'll see the option in the Recorder Settings window's Advanced tab to set either Write Disc or Write Session. Change it to Write Session. This only works on a disc that has not already been burned using Write Disc.


What you'll see with multiple sessions is multiple disc icons in the Finder when you insert the disc. Each icon accesses its own session.


By the way, Write Session only works with CD-R and CD-RW media and not with any DVD media.


Meanwhile, I wouldn't save my photo backups to a disc burned this way. I've read stories here where people started writing sessions with one version of Mac OS or one Mac and then continued adding sessions using a different OS or Mac. In some cases they no longer could access the content on the earlier sessions. What I'd do instead is get a camera flash card (mine uses SD cards) and use my memory card reader as an external drive. I'd copy the files to the flash card. When it gets full enough to burn an entire disc I'd copy from that to a CD-R or DVD-R.

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