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My Dvd Menu Audio Time Limit



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You're welcome.


Do come back and let us know how it goes.


Hello, yes, all went well. I couldn't follow the instructions in the post exactly but I found that the background image on the video portion on the timeline was finishing on the 30 second mark (in Edit Menu Background). Using the mouse, I stretched it to 2 min 47 (approx the length of the audio clip), added the clip and it took on the same length. Then I edited the time in View settings and it worked beautifully. As you say, it didn't retain it, but I now know what to do.


The reason it didn't work before was because the 'Fit Video and audio' option was greyed out but I suspect that was because I didn't add the audio clip at that time. Am still learning and you people have helped heaps.



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Yes, it can be more than 30 seconds. Read this post.

Hi and thank you. I couldn't get it to work at first because the 'Fit' option was greyed out. However, after stretching the video portion of the timeline, then the audio, it appears to work OK. Haven't burnt the DVD yet but all looks great.

You are a great bunch of people. Thanks

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