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Mydvd Menu Background Pixel Size?

Dirty Dave


I am changing the backgrounds of premade menus with .jpg files. When I complete the project and put it into my DVD player, the menu background is sometimes off the screen. I think the .jpg I am using is to big, pixelwise, for my TV, what pixel size should the .jpg file be? I have had limited success resizing .jpg files, some fit the screen some are still too big.


I use Gimp to edit the .jpg


EMC 10

Nvidia 8800GTX

AMD X2 6000+

4 Gig Ram

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Actually, MyDVD will automatically resize the image correctly. Most likely what you are seeing is TV OVERSCAN. Without getting too technical on the subject, it's just something we have to live with. On older CRT TV sets, there is close to 15% fo the image that falls 'off' the screen. In MyDVD, there is an option to show the TV SAFE ZONE. Make sure all your text and image falls within that area.


Newer LCD type TVs also have overscan, but it's more like 5 to 10%.. Maybe even less on some brands.


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