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Please Insert A Blank Disc In This Drive - Tsst Corp Drives

Lopez Bill


I have burned quite a few CD-Rs, CD-RWs, and DVD+Rs in the past. In my most recent project I am encountering a problem I have not seen before.


My project has a total length of about 67 minutes. I've tried burning from Sound Editor, exporting the tracks as .wav files to Music Disc Creator, I get the same errors either way.


Working from within Roxio Sound Editor (EMC 10 Suite), or from within Music Disc Creator, when I select the Burn option, program asks me to "insert a blank disc in the drive." I insert a blank CD-R (80 minute, 700 MB) into the drive. The disc whirs for a few seconds, then it is ejected and the message repeats. This cycle repeats endlessly. I've tried multiple brand-new CD-Rs of multiple brands.


If, working from within Music Disc Creator, I attempt first to create a disc image, then I don't even get that far. Below is a log file I created in my most recent attempt:


===== Begin log file =====


Attempted to burn CD-R from Music Disc Creator project file "c:\Users\Bill\Documents\Roxio\Music Disc Creator\music from terezin.dmsa"


Inserted new TDK CD-R "80 Minute 700 MB CD-R"


Audio CD - Burn Setup

"E:TSSTcorp DVD+-RW TS-L632D - DE04

Blank CD-R, Free space: 702.8MB (1 CD-R 80 min. needed)"


Create image file box checked, destination C:\Users\Bill\Documents\Roxio\CD Images\music from terezin.c2d


Audio CD - Progress Information [5/12/08 09:28 am]


"E:TSSTcorp ...

Disc 1 of 1 0%

Current Task: Please wait (0%)


C:\Users\Bill\Documents\Roxio\CD Images\music from terezin.c2d

Disc 1 of 1 0%

Current Task: Please wait (0%)"


EMC 10 Suite

Disc status shows: "In use by Roxio burning engine"


Task Manager shows MusicDiscCreator 10.exe 32-39% CPU activity.


At 10:06 am [34 minutes after start] still shows 0% progress on both image file and CD, CD image file size = 3KB.


Gave up at 10:10 am.


===== End log file =====


Computer: Dell Inspiron E1505 (Inspiron I6400) Intel Core2 Duo, CPU 2 GHz, RAM 2 GB

OS: Vista Ultimate

Software: EMC Suite 10, latest updates applied.


Any suggestions welcome.


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I am having a similar problem with my creator 10 software. I have put together clips in the Sound editor program, a program which I have used 100's of times without any issues. Now with my new computer a HP Pavilion m8330f it gives me the exact same message, "Please insert a blank disk in the drive". Before this message appears it shows that a blank cd has been placed in the drive and shows the free space etc. As soon as it tries to spool it prompts me to insert a blank disk. I too have tried different media, I have uninstalled/reinstalled the drive, changed the registry files to ensure proper laser usage, checked the firmware version of my drive (I have the latest installed) and I have also uninstalled and reinstalled the software all to no avail. It's times like this I wonder why I wasted money buying yet another version of creator. Every version I have ever bought has stopped working properly. EEERRRR!!!! It works great for a while and then boom, it gives up the ghost. My DVD/ CD writer works fine writing cd's in windows. I assume this program has an issue with my brand of drive? It is a TSST TS-h653n cd/DVD writer. Does anyone have a solution for this? I would love to hear. I use this program on weekly basis, I guess that's why I keep on buying it, because it does have great features that are easy to use when it works! Thanks for your time!
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