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Importing From Dvd & Editing



Hello all,

I'm a new user of EMC10. I have a couple of DVDs of footage from my own concert performances, and now want to edit that footage into clips for web and also into a DVD I can give to booking folks. I've copied the Audio/Video TS folders from the DVD to my hard drive, and have tried bringing in VOB files to Video Wave, but the audio and video are out of synch. I've used Copy & Convert and created MPEG2 files from one disk (with part of the show) and they seemed OK, but then could not get the same process to work on the other DVD of part 2 of the same performance. The files that were created were "unseekable" and unplayable. And something seemed funky with my DVD drive - it got stuck in some kind of processing hell.


How can I bring in this footage so I can edit it in VideoWave, while also being sure the audio and video stay in synch?

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