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Playing A Clip Backwards In A Production



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Thank you. Do you have a recommended program?




you can do reverse easily in pinnacle studio, but i wouldn't reccomend the program it hangs and crashes.......


in pinnacle it comes under video effects_speed


what a shame you can't do it in emc!! a simple thing like that...



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You can try Super (free). It has a reverse encode option (in the directshow options). I just tried it on a couple of divx .avi clips, encoding to the same format but in reverse and it works fine.


Be aware that any audio track in the video will either not be encoded or will be garbled (clicks). However, in EMC you can extract the audio from a clip and add it, muting the internal audio of the clip.



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Could slowing down the clip be substituted for playing the clip backward? That's easy in EMC.


I do this already and it is very cool. I just put together a baseball game and slowed all good plays. I do get a cloud when it plays back however. I film on HQ sports mode and it is a bit blurry.

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