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Tivo Not Transfering

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I have set up transfers on my Tivo account and have downloaded the Toast 9 software properly.

Initially everything worked fantastic. Transfers worked by displaying the Blue icon for shows transferring as well as the blue time left bar. Shows waiting showed with a yellow check mark.

After updating Toast nine from the Roxio web site my transfer stopped working.

I can see all my shows on my Tivo DVR but when I choose and click transfer on any of them, they display the blue transfer icon for about 5 sec. then changes to a yellow check mark displaying "waiting". They never transfer.

I uninstalled Toast 9 completely per instructions from Roxio and re-installed and I still have the same problem.




Concerned Comsumer

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Yes, I experience the same issue. It seems there must be a temp file written somewhere that the TiVo Transfer programs looks to to determine if a file transfer is in progress. I suspect when you reinstalled, the temp file and directory still existed. If Roxio could tell or suggest places to look for it, I think it would resolve this problem, otherwise, I am stuck and the program is useless to me.


Roxio support- Any temp file locations or what do you use to track progress of a transfer?

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Hello- Update on stalled transfers. For me, it appears that the Tivo unit itself gets confused or network related issues on the wireless from the USB, I do not know. Try this, restart your Tivo (Cold Reboot), warm reboots do not solve the problem. Try a single transfer, no auto to confirm the transfer works. It does not appear to be a Roxio problem, but Tivo networking does not seem to be very robust.


Hope you experience the same benefit. Happy Tivoing!





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