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Tivo Hd Transfer Not Working



I just got a TiVo HD, all setup went smoothly, when I try tivotogo for transfer from the HD to my mac, the transfer will start but then it will stuck at like 10k.


Transfer was working on a series 2 right before (within an hour) I setup the HD.


I am using "TiVo Wireless G USB Network Adapter for Series2 DVR (AG0100)", bought a couple of years ago, and has no problem during setup.


I have done all the usual troubleshooting including reboot, reset preference and all that. have not try to the revert to older java virtual machine.


I have a 1 month old macbook black with all the updates.


I also just try it on WinXPpro via vmware fusion, got the same problem.


Anyone out there has the same setup with the same problem?








It's all working now after a service update, I guess I need to wait a couple of days when starting a brand new tivo so it can get all the service and account updates download.

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I'm having an identical issue, can someone tell me if there's a way to force the TiVo or to manually download all service updates? Or a revision number to check and see if I'm current? I just bought a new TiVo HD from Best Buy yesterday, it's given me one message about a service update, and involved playing and deleting folders.


TiVo Transfer finds my DVR and programs no problem, but doesn't make it past 10-20k on transferring before suddenly aborting. No errors are logged to the Console for the transfer, but upon application launch these two items are logged each time:


9/27/08 Sep 27 - 7:59:12 AM [0x0-0x51c51c].com.tivo.desktop[22384] MAK not set in FileProvider

9/27/08 Sep 27 - 8:13:52 AM [0x0-0x527527].com.tivo.desktop[22464] CallBack Registed


The TiVo connects to the network for all other operations just fine, and signal strength is labelled "Excellent"


OS X 10.5.5, TiVo Transfer 1.2.1 (052)

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I have the same problem and same setup, and have not been able to solve it for months. Roxio and Tivo are silent on this issue. I just had to erase about 25 episodes of ER because I was not able to transfer anything. I have tried rebooting everything, including my Tivos, my network and my computer (an iBook G4). Nothing seems to make a difference.


Please Roxio - respond!!!!

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