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Unable To Create Audio Using Dell Xcelerator In Xps 420


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Unable to Create Audio useing Dell Xcelerator in XPS 420


Need help in a issue with the Dell Xcelerator in 420.Cx tried to connect the Video camera in the Xcelerator card in to the composite ports.



Assist the cx to open the Roxio

Assist to open the Create Video

Selected the option to Composite 2.

Cx was able to view and also create the video so that he can save in the HDD.

But when try to create Audio unable to do that.



System Model: XPS 420


OS: Vista 32Bit


S/W used Roxio 9.0(Sent with the system)


Sound card: Sigmatel High dif Major (Onboard)





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If they're only connecting to the composite ports then all they will get is video.Those are video ports not audio.There also needs to be a connection that brings the sound in along with the video.

Usually you would connect a camera using a USB or Firewire port for capturing.

If it's an older camera that only has RCA's out then you'd need 2 cables,1 for video and 1 for audio.

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I just saw a picture of the Xcelerator and there are definately seperate inputs for Audio and Video.They need 2 cables or 1 cable that has 2 Audio (usually Red and White) and 1 Video (usually Yellow) connector.

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Thanks for the reply :rolleyes:


Suggested Customer to use the ports on the front of the system they will need a video and audio cable, one video input Svid or RCA and then a Left and right audio(white/RED) for RCA connections. I also made a point - If the camera has 1394 or USB I would recommend they use that and not the inputs on the Xcelerator being it will be faster and be higher quality. The ports on the front of the xcelerator are more for older type devices that would not have the newer connection types. IE old VCR that you wanted to convert home moves to DVD.


Pl suggest me if I need to know anything more on this

Kiran T.J | CompTIA A+ | DCSE | MCP

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Unable to Create Audio useing Dell Xcelerator in XPS 420

I think I helped someone else with a similar problem a couple of months ago.


If I remember correctly, the Xcellerator has limited capabilities. From the Dell website:



The Dell Xcelerator™ is an internal, USB 2.0, bus-powered device that increases the speed and performance of your system when performing tasks such as creating a DVD or formating files for a Portable Media Player (e.g., PSP, iPOD, etc.).



The Dell Xcelerator™ provides the following features:

  1. Relieve the PC from CPU intensive activities so that DVD burning and video sharing can be done as background tasks.
  2. Perform hardware transcoding of MPEG-2 video to MPEG-4.
  3. Transcode High Definition MPEG-2 video clips to MPEG-2 or MPEG-4 standard definition video.
  4. Transrate MPEG-2 video clips to a lower bit rate to fit onto a DVD, CD, or other media.
  5. Works under Windows XP and Windows Vista
  6. Supports both 32 and 64 bit systems
Basically, I don't think it will do what you want it to do.
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