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Is It Possible To Fade In Chapter Buttons?



I have a client that wants to have their logo go from full frame, center screen, shrink to 1/4 size, to reveal a play all menu button and a second button that goes to a second page with other links.


How do I make the logo shrink?


I could create an animation, and create the logo move, but then how do I have that reveal the needed buttons?




Kent Kreiger

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what you are talking about is a function of a video editor. you would create the menu in the video editor with the buttons on the video and then you would use a highlight layer (photoshop or bmp) that is aligned with the location of the buttons you put onto the video and use DVDit's highlight delay function to pull it all together. the result is a menu that animates into place and then the button highlights appear after the animation. you will also need a second menu which is a piece of video of the last frame with just the buttons in place so that you don't have a looping menu that continuously animates. you link menu 1 to menu 2 so that at the end of the first menu you have a still video menu that looks the same.

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