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Defining Tracks



Hello,new here.New Mac user.

Got Toast 9 last week,like it.CD Spindocter easy to use only having trouble with the the auto define.Problem is cannot find a manual define. Is this an option i just can't find or does Toast not have it?

Have searched for it here but not coming up.

I have loads of Prog to transfer and could do without all the pauses between diff. parts of tracks.

Thanks for any help.




Moved to Toast forum.



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To manually define tracks click and drag on the zoomed-in wave form (the waveform in the middle).


It's a good idea to zoom the Spin Doctor window to full screen. Also uncheck the box next to "Limit zoom range to improve performance" in the Waveform and Tracks panel of Spin Doctor Preferences. Note that in the Edit menu there are options to align the start and end of tracks with the previous or following tracks. You also can edit the marked track lengths by entering new times in the Track description window.


I like to leave out any of the silence between my LPs tracks so I listen with headphones for when the music actually begins and ends and mark the tracks accordingly. Any space between the tracks that is white in the waveform will not be included in the exported audio.

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