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Sonic Dms V7 Just Ejects Disk



I have a HP desktop computer that came with Sonic Digital Media Studio v7. Lately, when I try to erase or burn data to a DVD-RW disk, everything happens normal until I select the burn or erase button - then the DVD tray opens and ejects the disk, no error message. Any ideas?

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Could be the RW disc has gone to it's home in the sky - they don't last an indefinite number of rewrites (and while good for things like testing, or moving files to another computer when the original is safely on the original computer, they are hazardous to your data for long-term archiving).


Could be the burner is having problems.


Could be the software has become corrupted.


You could try a different disc, or a different brand of disc; if you have another burner available you could try a different burner; if you have a different computer available with the same or different software you could try that. It would narrow down the possibilities.



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