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Printing Photos



How do I go about printing 4 different photos to one page? I have tried both in Photosuite and Media Manager. Keep coming up with 1 photo, 4 times, on one sheet. Can't figure out how to get 4 different photos on that sheet. Thanks again. MK

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Thanks Jim :) I ccp it here for gmbdl.


gmbdl, I've used the Contact Sheet option to print individual images on one sheet:


1. Go to Start > All Programs > Roxio EMC > My Media > Media Manager


2. In Media Manager, click on the Print icon (it's along the top row of icons, in between the Email and Sharing icons). [alternately, click on File > Print, if you are used to doing it that way]


~Clicking on this Print icon (or File > Print) opens a Print dialog window, much like the one in PhotoSuite, but it adds a column at the right where you can add all of your photos that you want to print as a Contact Sheet.~


3. In the Print dialog window, click on the little blue "Add Photos" icon at the top of the right hand column. (It is a dark blue square with a little green arrow pointing to the right.) This opens up a Windows Explorer window where you can navigate to your pictures folder and click on whatever photos you want to add to your Contact Sheet. (Ctrl + Click to add multiple photos)


4. Once you have selected your photos, click the Add Photos button at the bottom of the Explorer window. (If you want to add more photos from a different folder, just click on the Add Photos icon at the top of that third column again and repeat Steps 3 and 4.)


5a. In the Settings column on the left of the Print Dialog window, under the Layout heading, click on "As a contact sheet" and the program will generate a print preview of your contact sheet in the middle column.


5b. Under the heading of Rows and Columns, choose how many rows and or columns you would like to print and how you would like it set up (lots of options).

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