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Audio Compliant Import For Bd Project

Wink Tinkler


Have read the Pinned topic notes on importing streams of audio/video into DVDIt HD Pro


Compliant Audio requirements (from help file for DVDIt HD Pro latest version) optimum (non AC-3)


requires: for PCM (WAV or AIF AIFF)

96 Khz Sample Rate

16 Bits Sample Size

Audio Mono 0.8 Mbps Bit Rate

Stereo 1.6 Mbps Bit Rate



I am wondering if there is a TYPO or if I am missing something here .. in the help file, probably not, and it is just me

missing something and not importing fully compliant audio files that will not require transcoding




In the Project settings, with Superior Video /Audio Template Pre-sets for DVD It HD Pro for BLUE RAY CREATION


All at defaults 23.396 fps for the video

1536 Kbps for PCM audio (cannot be changed)


With capture of CD Audio quality in WAV format and setting the end product file to be 96 Khz / 16 bits / the Audio Bit Rate has to end up being twice 1536 Kbps.


If I set my capture / compressor program to 48 Khz / 16 bits / the Audio Bit rate then is 1536 Kbps the resulting WAV file then has those specs


When I set my conversion to do 96 Khz the end resulting WAV file has 96 Khz / 16 bit / 3072 Kbps as its properties


I then import that into DVDIt HD Pro to try and have a COMPLIANT FILE that will not require transcoding during the image building process, but it still transcodes. If I set the end product to be 48 Khz /16 bit / then the 1536 Kbps Audio bit rate is correct.


When I try to import the latter into DVDItHD Pro, i get a message warning about non compliant DVD Audio etc. and it will not import the file, unless I ignore this. Then during the image building process for BD it still transcodes the audio file.


Have tried both methods. Would prefer to use the 96 Khz end product WAV file for optimum quality in BD




Thoughts? Suggestions? Does the Audio Bit Rate refer to PER CHANNEL in the WAV file?


I do not know how to get a 96 Khz / 16 bit WAV file that has a Audio Bit Rate of only 1536 kbps


thanks in advance



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