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Toast 7 And Apple Ipod Videos



I am trying to get my music videos from DVD to my iPod. I have already used MacTheRipper to place the DVD media on my hard drive.


Can I used Toast 7 to convert the VIDEO_TS data to individual music video tracks?


I was trying to use Handbrake but I am getting audio pops and clicks. Being a DJ, that audio 'dirt' is unnaceptable.


Is Toast 7 my solution? Anyone else using this application to get videos to iPod?



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Place the VIDEO_TS folder on your desktop. Open Toast and choose the Video window. Click the Media button to enter the Media Browser. Select DVD with the upper button. The ripped DVD will show in the lower window. Use the lower button to access the chapter level. Each of the DVD's chapters will appear in the lower window. Drag the individual chapters that have the music videos you want to the Toast Video window. This extracts the MPEGs to the Roxio Converted Items folder. Now select the titles in the Toast Video window and choose Export. Select the QuickTime codec you need for your iPod.


That should do it.

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Just a quick addition to tsantees steps above...


The Toast export feature has presets, so if you're not sure which codecs to use, just choose them.


If you want to create video files from the titles or chapters on this DVD, choose "for iPod" preset... if you want to strip out the soundtrack and create music files from the titles or chapters on this DVD, choose "for iTunes".


Note that the iPod presets were added in version 7.0.2 of Toast.

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I was using Handbrake but with no sucess. I'll briefly explain:

The music video DVDs I purchased use LPCM tracks. Due to bugs in the Handbrake software, files created using Handbrake have these digital pops and clicks in the audio. It's very annoying and makes ripping the music video DVDs virtually useless. So I can not even start to convert.


I was told to use the AC3 track instead. But these DVDs do NOT give me that option.


Question is:

Will this new version of Toast create clean conversions (both audio & video) of the LPCM format DVD?

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