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Toast Video Player



I just completely removed Popcorn 3 and then performed a clean install. I deleted all the preference files and whatnot. The clean install seemed to work for the most part; however I am unable to view any of the TiVo files that I transfer to my laptop. I'm using Popcorn 3.02 and all my Apple software is fully up to date as well. After double-clicking the file's icon, it begins to launch the Toast Video Player that was included with Popcorn 3 and then it immediately crashes. I've tried relaunching countless times, but the video player will just simply not work. Even if I try to launch the application alone without a file to open, it crashes. Can anyone help me??



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You might go through the Popcorn setup assistant again (access it via the Help menu). Replacing the Popcorn 3 application with a new install might help.


Hey, thanksI've tried that, but it doesn't/didn't work.


The Toast Video Player that came with Popcorn 3.02 (that I purchased and downloaded directly from Roxio's online store) will simply not launch. The icon bounces on my dock for a couple of seconds before I get an error message: "The application Toast Video Player quit unexpectedly".... Whether I try to open a .tivo file that I have transferred to my computer, open Toast Video Player directly, or even open the video player from Popcorn 3 it crashes within seconds.


Anyone got any ideas???

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Do you have any other old Roxio software anywhere on the system? I have seen some cases where older versions of our apps (in my case, Roxio Boom Box) cause conflicts with some of our newer applications.


I actually had Toast 9.02 installed as well. I was getting frustrated by Toast's encoding of certain TiVo files when I tried creating DVD's--some files would encode and take hours while a handful would multiplex and create in under 15 minutes (I did have it set to "Never Re-encode"). Certain threads had indicated Popcorn 3 was more reliable and would multiplex and not require encoding. I apologize if my use of certain terms is incorrect or too elementary, but hey, it works for me. Back to your question though, I had removed all aspects of Toast and Popcorn from my computer including all the library files as well. The Toast Video Player included with Popcorn 3 would never work. And as long as I have someone that knows what he is talking about, I have one question about Toast (sorry, but my thread in the Toast forums was never answered). When I had Popcorn installed, .tivo files would display an actual, meaningful icon that showed the TiVo icon and some other graphics. With Popcorn completely removed, disk permissions restored and all that good stuff, I cleanly installed Toast 9. The meaningful icon has disappeared and all my TiVo shows appear with a generic document icon. It appears like a white sheet of paper with the top right-hand corner folded down. It's more of a cosmetic issue, but I can't imagine that a product that costs roughly twice as much would not include icons. Even if you don't get a chance to answer any of my other questions, I do appreciate that you responded to the initial one.

Thank you for your assistance.


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